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The VX 20 is a versatile, economical quick action vise mechanism that may be used as a leg vise or can also be made into a quick action face vise or be used just as you would use a conventional vise screw and nut. The VX 20 is simply installed by drilling holes through the bench leg or apron and mounting with wood screws. A Delrin bearing is screwed into a counter-bored hole in the front of the bench leg or apron and supports the weight of the vise jaw.

The vise handle is attached to the shaft with a quick release pin which allows the jaw to be removed entirely in seconds. The pin system also allows you to select either a wooden hub and handle or a metal hand wheel to customize your vise. The hand wheel or wooden hub is sold separately to allow the consumer to fully customize the vise.


Mounting base: 3” wide X 4” high.  The housing protrudes 2-1/2” from the mounting surface.

Maximum jaw opening: 11-3/16” when used with a 1-3/4” thick jaw and a 3” thick leg.

Minimum leg thickness to allow flush retraction of clamp shaft:  3”.

Clamp shaft length: 20 – 1/4" - fully retained in housing.

Clamping action: Clockwise rotation with force equal to a 4 TPI (threads per inch) screw.  Maximum clamp shaft travel is 1/4”.

Minimum vise jaw thickness required:  1- 3/4".

Lubrication: The clamp shaft may be lubricated if desired. Paste wax is recommended to keep work piece from being soiled. The internal mechanism is lubricated with grease.

Vise jaw retention: Steel shaft collar tightened with 5/32” hex key wrench.

Included parts:

VX 20 vise mechanism with mounting screws.

Delrin bearing with mounting screws.

Shaft collar with 5/32” hex key wrench and constraint washer.

PLEASE NOTE: The production vise will differ slightly from the picture. The color will be black and the base mounting screws will be #10 pan head wood screws. Hand wheel or wooden hub and handle sold separately.


VX 20 Video Demonstration

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An internal cam and clutch mechanism grab the clamp shaft when the clamp handle is rotated and force the clamp shaft rearward to clamp your work piece. All the clamping force is directed through the base and into the leg or bench apron. A large Delrin bearing at the front of the leg or apron supports the weight of the vise jaw and allows low friction sliding. 


The aircraft grade anodized aluminum housing will not corrode and the machine screws which hold the housing together are stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The totally enclosed housing prevents dust and dirt from entering. All internal wear parts are constructed from steel for long life. If any maintenance or cleaning is ever required the housing can be simply removed by un-screwing the four Phillips head machine screws.