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Leg Vise – Hardware Kit

Leg Vise – Hardware Kit
Leg Vise – Hardware Kit Leg Vise – Hardware Kit Leg Vise – Hardware Kit Leg Vise – Hardware Kit Leg Vise – Hardware Kit Leg Vise – Hardware Kit Leg Vise – Hardware Kit
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Traditional leg vises excel at clamping longer work horizontally (especially when used with a board jack) and they have a very generous working depth from the bench top to the screw, typically around 10 inches. The lower fulcrum arm allows the vise to generate high clamping forces; unfortunately you must insert a peg into a series of holes in the fulcrum arm to adjust the vise to various workpiece thicknesses. You must also turn the clamping screw many turns to adjust to different thicknesses.    

The Hovarter Custom Vise Leg Vise offers quick action and clamps firmly in approximately one quarter turn of the clamp handle. There is no need to adjust a peg in the lower fulcrum arm. Additionally the vise has the appearance of a traditional wooden leg vise with a wooden hub and handle. Click on the following link to view a short video demonstration of the leg vise:  

.Leg Vise Video Demonstration on YouTube   

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The leg vise uses the same basic components as the twin shaft face vise. The secret to its operation is that the lower housing is rotated 180 degrees relative to the upper housing. As the clamp handle is turned the upper clamp shaft pulls in while the lower clamp shaft pushes out, taking the place of the lower fulcrum arm. This creates a very quick clamping action with high clamping force. The housings are located within a hollow area in a laminated leg. The vise is operated with a single clamp handle and the lower clamp shaft does not rotate. The clamping action is identical to the twin shaft face vise (except the direction of force is opposite) and the motion between the 2 housings is accomplished with a short transfer bar located within the leg. The full length vise jaw (not included) shown in the demonstration video utilizes an optional spring loaded wheel that rides against the floor to counteract the weight of the vise jaw. Although not required for operation it does make moving the vise jaw in and out easier. If the vise jaw is constructed as shown in the short vise jaw picture, the vise jaw is very easy to move.   


The construction of the leg vise is identical to the twin shaft face vise except for the following changes: Some additional adjustment features have been added to the housings but the main difference is in the parts in the lower housing. Since only one handle is used the rack and pinion has been eliminated and the shaft has no keyway. The lower shaft is connected to the vise jaw with the use of a special aluminum retainer. The vise leg (not included) is built from a simple U section with the top and bottom filled with laminated wood. This creates a hollow center section to contain the vise hardware. This type of construction is very strong and has greater bending strength then a solid 4” X 6” leg (this assertion is based on beam strain calculations). The laminated upper section may also be left long to act as a leg attachment tenon. The housings are through bolted to the side of the leg. Black oxide coated socket head cap screws are provided for mounting. The black oxide coated socket head cap screws with special washers minimize the diameter of the countersunk holes for an attractive appearance.

  • Quick Action
  • No Racking
  • Traditional Appearance
  • Clockwise or Counter – Clockwise operation
  • Precision Action
  • Simple installation – bolt to the bottom of the workbench
  • Customizable
  • Versatile
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