Drill Guide With Long Drill Bit for X Link Installation

This optional drill guide combined with a long drill bit makes the X Link ins..


Large Hand Wheel with quick release pin for use with VX 20 leg and VX20F face vises

This handwheel is for the VX20 leg and VX20F face vise and is cast from 356-T..


Maple Clamp Hub

Individual replacement solid maple clamp hub (unfinished). Three inches in ..


Maple Handle and Knobs

Individual replacement threaded maple clamp handle with threaded knobs. Leather ..


NEW!  VX 20 Vise Hardware

The VX 20 is a versatile, economical quick action vise mechanism that may be ..


NEW!  X Link Scissors Mechanism

The Hovarter Custom Vise X Link is a modern adaptation of the nineteenth cent..


Single Handle Cap with Quick Release Pin

The single handle cap creates a single handle vise when used with The VX20 fa..


VX20F Face Vise – Hardware Kit

Traditional twin screw vises excel at clamping wide work upright between the ..


VX20W Wagon Vise – Hardware Kit

The VX20W Wagon Vise features quick action and is designed to operate in eith..


Wooden Hub and Handle with Quick Release Pin for all VX  Series Vises

Solid maple hub and handle with stainless steel quick release pin for use wit..


Small hand wheel and quick release pin for VX20W wagon vise.

 This handwheel is for use with the VX20W wagon vise only and  is cast..